Q: How much does it cost to replace lifters? 2007 GMC Sierra

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I let it warm up in the morning for like 30 min then I drive to school and it's up to temp where it should be at 210 and put it in park it starts ticking with the rpm of the motor I rev it up a little it ticks faster and I think it's the lifters and valves should I get these replaced and should I get new headers also

My car has 258000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello - given your mileage, you are probably correct in diagnosing the lifters as the noise culprit, rather than possibly an incorrect viscosity oil for temperatures where you are. [We’re assuming sludge or oil blockage is not an issue.] Given the mileage, you are probably best off replacing the cam as well. Then, if compression or oil consumption is an issue....?! Unfortunately, YourMechanic does not offer lifter replacement (or camshaft replacement) as a service at this time. Thanks for thinking of us though!

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