Q: 2009 Hyundai Elantra. ESP light came on and steering locked.

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Hi.My car one day steering is locked.My mechanic told that steering motor is damage.So I change the steering motor after 3 days again show the monitor in Eps.Then I switch off the car and restrart that time solve the issue.now is going smoothly but monitor showing Esc.Actuly what is the problem How can find.Again mechanic told motor is gone.so plz give me answer.Am realy confused and worried about this mater.

My car has 7 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. We will be happy to assist you. On your particular vehicle, there are two recalls related to the EPS concern you are having. If you call your closest Hyundai dealership and give them your VIN number they will be able to tell you if the recalls have been performed on your vehicle yet. If it has not been done they should repair and diagnose vehicle no charge. The first recall states that the EPS system must be recalibrated anytime EPS work is done to the vehicle. The second recall says that the EPS control unit makes it for the sea and the steering input signal and disable your power steering assist. I suggest that you call your closest Hyundai dealership because you will likely be able to have this concern addressed for free.

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