Q: honda accord v6 97 the only arm working is on drivers side.

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only the drivers side windshile wiper works. passenger side doesnt move at all. what do you think the problem is. th working wiper doesn't have a blade on it but the arm did move. would that cause any problems once i put a blade on it..movewithout one, then with it on it doesn't. is that possible. i'm thinking of buying this car but i'm worries about the passenger cost to repair that side
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The first thing to do is to diagnose the problem. Start by testing the wiper motor for an electrical connection, or signs that it is receiving power. If it is, and the motor is not rotating, then you need to replace the wiper motor. This is a pretty straight forward repair that should take a couple of hours and the cost of the part. Keep in mind the driver’s side has probably been subjected to the same conditions that caused the other to stop working. If you are in a position to do so, replace both motors and wiper blades. For more help resolving the issue or for a quote, contact our service department.

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