Q: Got tune up 3 months later engine loss power, ruff idle, and now it wont start but does crank, what can it be?

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As I said the day it died it would overheat but once it hit the red line it would immediately go back to normal... Well that day finally it completely blown water everywhere and I shut it off I hope before headgasket blew, but anyway towed it home put fluid in radiator, cranked it a few times then a loud hollow pop so I stopped cranking scared I blew my motor, the smoke actually looked more like vapor coming from the pulley area. Car still sounds like it wants to start but won't... Was told camshaft sensor... Also the theft light is on now, I'm no mechanic but am mechanically inclined and would appreciate any insight on possibilities. Thanks for reading.

My car has 181000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The symptom that you are describing could be either the head gasket burned or the thermostat is stuck. Open the hood and check externally of the engine to see if there is any cracks. Since you said that there was smoke coming from around the pulley area, it could be coolant leaking out with steam or a crack in the block. If there is no source of cracks, then try replacing the thermostat and see if the engine runs at normal temperature. If the engine continues to overheat, then get a block tester from a local parts store. fill up the tube with the blue chemical and put on the plunger. With the engine running before it gets hot, open the radiator cap with caution and put the block tester over the radiator or reservoir spout and plunge the plunger to suck in the vapors only. If the fluid changes to a green or yellow color, then the head gasket is burned. If the color does not change, then check the engine oil and see if its normal color or like a milk shake. If the engine oil is normal in color, then its possible that the water pump may have failed and not pumping the coolant to the radiator. If you need further assistance with your vehicle having a loss of power, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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