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Ford Escape Mechanic's Assistant: Okay, I'll connect you to the Mechanic to discuss this further with you. Before I do, is there anything else you want him to know? Wont start, [engine](/topics-engine-ford/), battery and ...

Ford Escape Mechanic's Assistant: Okay, I'll connect you to the Mechanic to discuss this further with you. Before I do, is there anything else you want him to know? Wont start, [engine](/topics-engine-ford/), battery and oil light wont come on. Automatic car.

Automotive Expert
Hi, my name is\*\*\*\*\*’ve been a technician on Just Answer since 2007 and I'll be helping you today. I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your vehicle. I know how inconvenient car trouble is, but together, we will get your vehicle back up and running quickly. May I ask whom I am chatting with today?

my name is Tom
Automotive Expert
Hi Tom, it's nice to meet you. Is the engine cranking and not starting or no cranking at all?

not really cranking. There is a few low clicks and that it is. Then the CE light, oil light and battery are left on. 5mins prior when driving into driveway the car cut out at low speed.
Automotive Expert
It sounds to me like the battery is low. This is likely the result of a faulty [alternator](/topics-alternator-ford/) since it was running and then stalled. I would attempt a jump start, and if it does start, it's likely going to stall after the cables are disconnected. It will only run off the battery for a short amount of time and eventually drain it. Leave the donor car attached for 15 minutes, then attempt to start it. Please try this and let me know

if it does start through the jump leads, and turns off when disconnected that would that mean a new alternator is needed and a new battery? my car is parked in a way that makes it quite difficult to access the engine with jump leads so will need someone to call out with a powerful battery pack or someone to tow the car
Automotive Expert
Yes, it's going to need an alternator. As for the battery, it will have to be charged and tested to see if it's bad. Chances are fair it's just going to need a charge.

ok, i will have to call someone to come and help jump it. also could it have anything to do with the automatic [transmission](/topics-transmission-ford/) fluid?
Automotive Expert
No, it's not a transmission or transmission fluid issue

ok thank you
Automotive Expert
You're welcome. Thank you for taking the time to contact Just Answer today. Have I answered your question? If any part of my response is unclear, please let me know. It’s my goal to deliver excellent service, so please let me know if there is anything more I can do. If you are satisfied with my help, please let me know with a short note here. Thank you.

the reason that car stopped at low speed was because of the alternator?
Automotive Expert
Yes, because the engine stopped running because the battery was running out of power.

ok, thanks. I have someone coming to help jump start the ca but you think it will stall again? is the best option to get it towed to a garage to replace the alternator as it can not run properly or very far without this being changed
Automotive Expert
Yes, it's going to have to be towed to have the alternator replaced. They will replace the alternator and charge the battery and test it to see if it needs to be replaced as well.

ok thanks very much for all your help.
Automotive Expert
You're very welcome.

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