Hi my 2005 Ford Explorer started over heating and just tu...

Hi my 2005 Ford Explorer started over heating and just turned off on me now it won’t turn back on what does this mean Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the [coolant](/topics-coolant-ford/)? Have you checked for a leak...

Hi my 2005 Ford Explorer started over heating and just turned off on me now it won’t turn back on what does this mean Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the [coolant](/topics-coolant-ford/)? Have you checked for a leak in the cooling system? Yes there is a leak when I try to start it I do see a wet spot Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Explorer yourself? What have you tried so far? I haven’t tried anything this just happened two days ago so I’m trying to Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? No just that it won’t start now it was over heating and just shut off on me what do I do

Automotive Expert
Hello there and thank you for contacting JustAnswer, sorry to hear about your car, I’ll do my best to help you solve this issue, do you hear a crank ?
Automotive Expert
Can you jump it?

I didn't try to jump it it was just over heating and turned off on me
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Can you also check fuel supplies filter and pump please?Hearing a crank is a good sign. You can also check [thermostat](/topics-thermostat-ford/).

Ok so what could be the problem behind it no startingIs it because it has a leak
Automotive Expert
Where’s the leak coming from?

I think the [water pump](/topics-water-pump-ford/)
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Ok if the water pump is broken don’t drive the car until you replace it. That’s why your car is overheating.

Is that why it won't start also
Automotive Expert
it probably went to limp mode after overheating.
Automotive Expert
Please let me know if you need any more assistance.

Hey I needed a little more assistance please
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Hi, I’m here,

How likely are you to blow a head gasket driving a while the car overheating
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70% to 90% depending on how hot your [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) got. Usually you can tell by antifreeze mixture with oil.

How do I know if it is a head gasket problem
Automotive Expert
coolant loss with no leaks. Milky white coloration in the oil. Engine overheating. White smoke coming out the tail pipe.

This mechanic told me that I need a head gasket
Automotive Expert
Do you have any of these symptoms?

But the only problem I had with my car was it over heating and the car stopped while I was driving
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BUBBLING IN THE RADIATOR AND COOLANT RESERVOIR. This’s one more thing to look for.K-Seal can stop the problem in its tracks, before it's too late. Technically you can drive with a blown head gasket, but we'd always advise against it.

Would that stop the car from starting because my car won't start it sounds like it wants to tho
Automotive Expert
This won’t fix the starting problem.Just ask to show you the symptoms it’s your right as a client.

But would a blown head gasket be the reason why it's not starting or it would start with a blown head gasket
Automotive Expert
It’s in limp mode so it probably won’t start until you fix the gasket.

Ok thank you
Automotive Expert
You’re welcome.

would you know how much a head gasket would cost for a 2005 Ford Explorer
Automotive Expert
between $1,400 and $1,600. Depends how much he charges per hour.

The part
Automotive Expert
Everything.Parts are like $100. Sometimes you can find a good mechanic that can do everything for less than a $1000.

Okay so they took the coolant cap off and tried to start it but everything shoot back
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If it’s bubbling it the gasket.

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