Q: Engine makes slight noise and shakes when idle in park or at red light

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Problem started today. Sounds like something was loose and shaking in my engine when I started it. It never stopped running but it did hesitate while driving. At red light it hesitates when stopped and hesitates like it wants to kill but doesn't. When I pulled over and popped hood to check engine, the engine was shaking a little... I killed engine and restarted it to same sounds and shaking. I don't know what's wrong but need answers fast.

Shaking can occur for several reasons, but most commonly is a sign of the engine misfiring. You may end up having to test the fuel, spark, and air intake systems. Start by scanning the vehicle for diagnostic troubleshooting codes (done at most automotive parts stores), and use them to help determine where to start. If the vehicle comes back without any codes, then you will have to manually test each of the systems. Decide which system is more likely to have simple maintenance issues, such as worn spark plugs or a dirty fuel filter, and start there. Both of these for example will cause hiccups that wont necessarily trigger a diagnostic code right away. You may also want to test your fuel pressure, and make sure the spark plugs are getting power (safely done with a spark tester). For more diagnostic help, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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