Second opinion] Had serpentine belt replaced under emerge...

Second opinion] Had serpentine belt replaced under emergency Tech advised crank pulley was 5 groove and rest were 6 groove Hear loud ticking now ...

Second opinion] Had serpentine belt replaced under emergency Tech advised crank pulley was 5 groove and rest were 6 groove Hear loud ticking now

Automotive Expert
Good Morning , what kind of car is this ? If you run a 6 groove belt on a 5 groove pulley it wont last a day did they use a 5 groove belt ?
Automotive Expert
let me know if you need more help with this

2015 Trax Has 5 groove belt 1 pulley is 5groove, all others 6
Automotive Expert
Did they tell you why they didnt put a 6 groove pulley on it

Said one pulley was 5 groove and all others were 6
Automotive Expert
did you get it that way ? or were the right parts not available when they fixed it ?

Bought used 3 years ago that way
Automotive Expert
If it lasted 3 years like that without a problem i wouldn't worry about it

Automotive Expert
You are welcome

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