Q: my transmission is leaking in 2011 chevy aveo I just purchased

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I purchased vehicle on 2/28/2011, Drove it home and next day when I pulled out of garage there was transmission fluid leaking all over floor. Check fluid level. None showed on dip stick. Added 2 quarts before it showed on dipstick. Before I added fluid car would not go into drive or reverse. After adding fluid and car ran awhile it backed up and went fwd fine. Now it is leaking still. Could this be seal?

My car has 78700 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Have a certified technician look into the transmission fluid leak as soon as possible. A number of faults can cause the leak. Seals are certainly among them, Output shaft seals, front pump seal, etc, Even the transmission pan seal / gasket can be the cause. There can also be a damaged transmission pan or transmission fluid cooler line leak. Transmission fluid is cooled by the radiator. The cooler may also be damaged. Transmission fluid not only lubricates the transmission, it helps to keep it cool. Have this looked at as soon as you can. Do not continue to add fluid and move/drive the vehicle until it runs out again. That repeated overheating of the transmission can cause permanent damage.

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