Q: Crank but no start and there is no fuel pressure.

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My charger just got a new engine put in about 6 months ago due to being hyrolocked and the shop that put it in didn't install a air filter. About 2 months later my car stalls out while driving and I pop the hood and my air filter box is pouring gas out of it! I get my car towed to my house and do some online searches and youtube watching and decide to send my car to the dodge dealer they want over $3000 to fix it so I tow it back home and change the fuel injectors, the crank sensor, the cam sensor, the map sensor, air inlet sensor, the left and right side fuel pump, throttle body, air filter, checked every fuse and relay under the hood and in the trunk. My car still won't start so I bought a fuel pressure tester and it reads 0 fuel pressure... so now I'm wondering what else it can be? Please help!!!!

Thank you, Christopher

My car has 74000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Check the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail. The regulator will adjust the fuel flow and adjust the pressure. If the regulator is working, then there may be a restriction in the fuel line. Remove the fuel line from the fuel rail and put the line into a container. Turn on the ignition and see if fuel pumps out of the line. If the pump is coming on but there is no visible fuel flow, then the line is restricted and needs flushed or replaced. See if there is an inline fuel filter as it may be plugged up. If you need further assistance with your vehicle having no fuel pressure, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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