The brake pedal sinks to the floor and it won't bleed

The brake pedal sinks to the floor and it won't bleed Mechanic's Assistant: Have you tried cleaning and oiling the brake pedal's pivot under the dash? The break pedal moves free It has no resistance though Mechanic's ...

The brake pedal sinks to the floor and it won't bleed Mechanic's Assistant: Have you tried cleaning and oiling the brake pedal's pivot under the dash? The break pedal moves free It has no resistance though Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 1963 galaxie Manual brakes, no portioning valve Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Galaxie yourself? What have you tried so far? We're currently trying adjusting the rod And yes we sre Are\* Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? It only started after we replaced the old brake lines

Automotive Expert
The master cylinder is most likely the issue.

We've actually already tried that
Automotive Expert
I would try again. May have got bad part. If you have all air out and no leaks Maybee callapsed brake lines.

Could be. How long will this line be open? Will I have to go back to the website next time?
Automotive Expert
I will leave it open for you no worries. I am all for a challenge and like to know out come of situations. Knowledge is powet.

Hey bud we haven't got that master cylinder yetBut we've adjusted the rod and now instead of the pedal sinking to the floor, it's hard as a brick batIt seems like whatever the problem may be is ahead of the master somewhere
Automotive Expert
Is the rod bent?

Not to my knowledge
Automotive Expert
Good morning You should never have to adjust the rod since it is set from the factory. With it set the way you have it, are the wheels spinning free until you apply the brake pedal? Roy It is also possible you got the wrong master cylinder. You may have got a master for a power brake unit which will do this. If you have the old one, you can rebuild it. There are seal kits available for this and it is easy to do. Roy

The adjustment was actually because he had previously tried to adjust it with the old one, since there's no telling how these old cars have been tampered with over the years.
Automotive Expert
Check the piston in the back of the master. Measure the depth of the hole from your old one to the replacement. Roy

We've got the front brakes working and bled with it. It was the rubber lines on that part. Now we're rolling over to the back brakes. Need to install the new cylinders and rubbers back there still.You've been a huge help here
Automotive Expert
Thank you. Good luck. Nice car. Roy

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