I have a [bmw 325i](/topics-bmw-325i/) with a baiid unit....

I have a [bmw 325i](/topics-bmw-325i/) with a baiid unit. It drained the battery. I have jumpbox to charge. The company I have for the baiid has to do a hard reset so I have to disconnect the negative cable from the battery. my qu...

I have a [bmw 325i](/topics-bmw-325i/) with a baiid unit. It drained the battery. I have jumpbox to charge. The company I have for the baiid has to do a hard reset so I have to disconnect the negative cable from the battery. my question is, is can I safely reconnect the negative cable to the battery safety with the car running. I will be charging the car with the jumpbox on the emergency cables under the hood. battery is in the trunk Mechanic's Assistant: What exactly is happening to the trunk? The battery is in the trunk and I was told by intoxalock I need to disconnect the negative cable so they can do a hard reset. can I safely reconnect the negative cable with the car running as I have to charge up the battery Mechanic's Assistant: What year is your BMW 325I? 2004 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your BMW 325I yourself? What have you tried so far? I am. I'm the only the can breathe in baiid Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? I charged but then I couldn't use the baiid kept getting errors because the battery was low that's y the intoxalock people have to reset it

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Hello and welcome

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No, it is not safe to do this. Charge the battery and then separately unhook it if you need to

I shouldn't connect the negative cable when the car is running
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Can the battery still charge with that cable disconnected after I take off the charger
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No it can’t

I want to give it enough time to change before I shut the car to reconnect
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As I said, charge it and then once complete disconnect it

Ok, I'll try to get ahold someone from intoxalock before I start charging because the baiid is draining. I'll get a call back number so they can do reset as soon as its charged. Then I can shut off car and reconnect then start the car up again hopefully
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Good luck with your vehicle

Thank you. Thank you for your help
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You are welcome

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