Q: Door locks not working, and trouble codes

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I bought this new with about 100,000 miles on it. The auto door locks were not working but am tired of dealing with it. Took it to a well known auto repair in my area (Fort Dodge IA) only to be told all five door lock actuators need to be replaced. I am having trouble believing this. Said they scanned codes c022, c0281, c0265, c0223, c0221,c0237. Said right front wheel bearing is shorted out and recommend replacing then retesting the system. They gave no other comments on door lock problem. Please can you help me/

My car has 150000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. From what you describe it would appear that your vehicle is experiencing more than one issue. The codes retrieved are for the vehicle’s ABS system and are likely a separate problem from the door lock malfunctions. While it may be possible that all of the door lock actuators have failed, it is unlikely. Individually testing the actuators would determine if that is the case. Before doing that I would first check the fuses to make sure that the power door lock fuse, or perhaps another, is not burned out. It may also be possible that there is a wiring issue, or an issue with the switches that operate the door locks. The trouble codes listed are for the vehicle’s ABS system, and suggest issues not related to the power door lock. C0281 is the trouble code for an issue with the vehicle’s stop light switch circuit. This can be caused by a faulty stop light switch or a wiring issue with the circuit. C0221 and C0223 are for issues with front right wheel speed sensor circuit, 21 for an open circuit, and 23 for an erratic reading. C0265 is the code for an issue with the brake control module, the computer that controls the the ABS system. While the vehicle will still brake safely, the ABS system will likely need to be disabled. As it appears that there are several issues that may need to be addressed separately, I would recommend having a professional technican, such as one from YourMehcanic, visit your location to diagnose the cause of your trouble codes and door lock malfunctions.

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