Q: After oil change - no oil registers on dip stick 2015 ford edge

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Went to oil can Henry they changed oil putting in 6 quarts of synthetic. Dip stick read no oil after. He then put in another quart and it barely showed on stick. He drained all oil and put 6 more quarts in - no reading. Started car ran over 2000 rpm's for about 20 seconds turned off vehicle and nothing. After it sat for about five then oil appeared on stick. Not leaking from oil pan or filter. Thoughts?

My car has 20000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. When oil is changed, the filter is removed and less than 2 oz. of residual oil will remain in oil lines and throughout the motor. When it’s added and the new filter is not primed (meaning not filled at least half-way) it will take some time for the oil to fill in the filter and throughout the motor. If the engine is started, oil will circulate throughout the engine and eventually drain into the oil pan. It takes a lot of time for the oil to drain down to the oil pan, which is where the oil dipstick gets it reading. If the oil was on the dipstick after five minutes, you should be fine.

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