How to Prepare for the Delaware Driver’s Written Test

It’s almost time to learn how to drive, but before you can get on the road and practice, you need to have a driver’s permit. In order to get the permit, you need to take a written exam at the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles. Many people find the idea of the test to be worrisome, and they feel that they might not pass. Don’t worry; as long as you take the time to understand the rules of the road and study for your test, you will pass with flying colors. Let’s examine a few of the best ways for you to get ready for your test.

The driver’s manual

When you are preparing for your driver’s written exam, the first thing you need to do is get a copy of the state’s latest driving manual. This will have all of the rules of the road for safety, road signs, parking laws, and traffic laws, which is the information you need to pass your test. You could pick up a hard copy of the manual at the local DMV, or you could simply download the Delaware Driver Manual from their website. Since you can download the PDF, you can put it on your tablet or your e-reader, which gives you access whenever you need.

Online tests

While reading the manual is a good first start, you also want to take practice exams for the Delaware written exam. You can find a number of options online where you can take these written tests. Taking these tests and passing them will help to increase your confidence when it comes to taking the real test. One of the top sites to consider when you are looking for practice exams is DMV Written Test. They have a test that features 20 questions for road rules and 10 questions about signs. You have to answer 24 of the questions correctly to pass the practice test. These are the same questions that you will have to answer when you take the actual exam.

Get an app

If you are technologically savvy, then you may want to download an app or two to help you with your studies for the written test. You can head to Android Pit to download an app for your android device. You can also head to Google Play or the App Store to download the Drivers Ed app. These will provide you with the knowledge you need to do well on your test.

A final tip

The best tip you can have when it comes to your Delaware written driver’s exam is to stay calm. Do not let nerves get the better of you when it comes time to take the test. It is a relatively easy test, and if you’ve practiced and studied, you will have no trouble. They aren’t trying to trick you with the questions. They just want to make sure you have the knowledge to be safe and courteous when you are on the road.

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