2009 volkwasgon Jetta 2.5 5 cylinder

2009 volkwasgon Jetta 2.5 5 cylinder Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Jetta yourself? What have you tried so far? Im not sure Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I con...

2009 volkwasgon Jetta 2.5 5 cylinder Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Jetta yourself? What have you tried so far? Im not sure Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Yes when I first start up my car it rpm goes high Then isles down to normal

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Ok great
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How high does the RPM go ? Also is this a new problem, how long has this been happening ?

1000 I bought the car two weeks ago
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Ok, if the RPM goes up to 1000 when you first start the car and then goes down to normal, about ( 600 ish ) then it sounds like everything is operating correctly. Do you have any warning light on the dash that are illuminated ?

Only the light bulb failure
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The one for a burnt out bulb. Ok sounds like it's working correctly then. Is there any other concerns ?

it rattles a little bit
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Does the rattle noise sound like it's coming from the engine area ? Does it rattle all the time or only when you first start the engine ?

Not the engine but the
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What area of the car does the rattling noise sound like it's coming from ?

Not sure
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Does it only make the noise when you're driving ? Or does it make it even when the car is sitting idling ?

Sitting idling
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It could just be some panel that vibrating and making noise. Or it could be one of the heat shields on the exhaust system rattling. You may need to take it to a local mechanic shop and ask if someone will go for a quick drive with you to have a listen to the noise. They could probably get a good idea what the problem is once they have a listen to it.

Hello good morning
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Hello, good morning how are you doing ?

I'm doing ok you think of my throttle plate is dirt could result to the issues w the car cause no check engine light ain't on
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It wouldn't hurt anything to clean it but I don't think it would be the problem. VW's don't really have too many issues with the throttle body getting dirty and causing problems.

What's usually the most common problemsCause when I step on the gas it's like something is stuckOr plugged or cloggedSomebody said some kind of valve is dirty
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Like it has no power and the acceleration will cut out ?

Like it don't want to go but it goesCause when I cleaned the throttle plate it kinda got a little worse
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It could be that the throttle body is faulty. Inside the electronic portion of the throttle body. I have seen them fail before but you would have a Check Engine light on. Or possibly you could take it a shop and ask them to perform a Throttle Adaptation on the car. This commands the computer to activate the throttle body so it can learn when open and closed throttle position is. It basically calibrate the throttle.

How much does that costAt what kind of shop or could it be the throttle position sensor
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The cost probably won't be too much, maybe $100 and I would take it to a shop that specializes in European vehicles. The throttle position sensor is internally all part of the throttle body

Ok thanks for your help it's very much appreciated
Automotive Expert
No problem hope you have a great day

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