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Q: Truck ticking when trying to start after replacing transmission.

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Me and my dad had gotten my transmission rebuild by a professional and put the transmission in he truck ourselves. We got it completely put in but when we tried starting the truck and it just ticks. We're certain the starter is good and the battery is fully charged.we also broke one of the harnesses going to the shifter but we replaced it and had a hard time finding the right wires it went to. What else could it be

My car has 250000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. If you are certain the starter is good you may want to check the connections leading to/from starter and the connections related to the transmission removal. I’ve seen on different occasions where loose or disconnected wiring such as a ground wire would cause a starter to “click” and not fully engage. It is likely that a ground wire was left free that connects to the frame of the vehicle or one that grounds to the engine/transmission. To test your starter you can apply power directly to the small wire on the starter. If the starter does not engage then you know you have a bad starter. Also use a breaker bar to turn the turn over by hand(clockwise) If the torque converter is not seated inside the engine properly a starter could just click because it cannot produce enough force to turn the engine over.

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