Q: Transmission: Removed shifter, put back on,now Park is reverse, etc

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I took the shifter in the passenger compartment off the car to replace the broken dust cover. Put the shifter back in, reconnected the shift cable and now when the shifter is in Park, the car goes in Reverse, Drive is neutral and so forth. So it appears I unknowingly moved the shift lever on the side of the transmission (and the physical transmission) out of park gear and into another gear when I removed the shifter. I've been trying to get the Passenger Compartment Shifter synced up to the gear the transmission is in, but it's been really hard. UGH!! My question is.. on the transmission mounted shifter lever, is Park the last stop on the range moving the lever towards the engine or is it the last stop moving towards the rear axle, looking up from underneath the car? Any help or suggestions on how to solve is much appreciated.

My car has 92 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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