Q: Transmission problems with 4 wheel drive Ford Explorer.

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My brother was driving about 30/35 mph when his car made a very loud popping noise, sounded like a shotgun. He pulled into a parking lot, the only gear that stilled worked was reverse. The next morning he loaded the car on a trailer and took it home. When he got home he checked the transmission fluid and did not have to add any. Then he started the car and tried the gears. Now he had first, second, and drive but no overdrive. He let the car sit for a couple of days before he tried the gears again now all the gears are working. Any ideas what the problem might be? Thanks for any help you offer.

This does not sound like a safe driving condition to me. I would recommend having the vehicle inspected by a qualified professional as soon as possible to ensure that no damages to the vehicle are present. Loud sounds like that often result in major vehicle damage or safety issues. It is best to know what the cause of the problem is because safety concerns may deter you from driving the vehicle. It is possible that some transmisison damage has occured but I would recommend having the vehicle fully inspected to know for sure.

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