Q: Coolant compatibility in f350.

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I have a 2008 f350 6.4 super duty. I took it into a dealership to have the egr cooler checked out because it has been going through a bit of coolant. So I get the truck back and I asked what coolant they topped it off with and they said dexcool. On my reservoir it specifically says do not use orange coolant and after that it's says do not use dex cool. I pointed that out to the mechanic and he said it was already orange so somebody already switched it over to dex cool. My question is, will that coolant hurt my system? Is the cooling system compatible with dex cool? Also does ford have their own orange colored coolant so is it possible that it wasn't dex cool in it in the first place and he made a mistake?

My car has 126000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. I am not sure why they put Dexcool into your cooling system. Your truck requires the specific Ford coolant due to the design of the engine. There really is no reason why Dexcool should have been used, and if it was then the cooling system should be drained and refilled. Now, there are some universal coolants out there that can be mixed with all coolants so it is possible that they used this if they just topped it off. You need to try and verify what they used and if it was straight Dexcool then you need to ask them to drain and fill the system.

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