I have a 2006 Toyota [Corolla](/topics-corolla/). Purchas...

I have a 2006 Toyota [Corolla](/topics-corolla/). Purchased used w only one key. Everything fine until last night. I stopped to purchase gas and noticed while inside paying for the gas that I had left the [headlights](/topics-head...

I have a 2006 Toyota [Corolla](/topics-corolla/). Purchased used w only one key. Everything fine until last night. I stopped to purchase gas and noticed while inside paying for the gas that I had left the [headlights](/topics-headlight-toyota/) on. Odd enough the tsillights were not working. So I replaced the fuse under the driver side dash for that got them working. When I go to start the car immediately after it was just running mind you. Nothing. I have full power to everything inside the car but not so much as a click from the [starter](/topics-starter-toyota/). So I replaced starter relay. Wasn't the problem. Bought a new starter still the same. Even when I jump across the contacts of the new starter I hear the motor spinning quickly but never engages the flywheel Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the bulbs? Have you checked the connection? The tsillights problem was a blown fuse. Under the driver dssh Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Corolla yourself? What have you tried so far? Replaced starter realay And replaced starter Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Just that even jumping the contacts of the new starter the starter has power and spins but doesn't turn the [engine](/topics-engine-toyota/)

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Hello, welcome and thank you for using Justanswer. First thing make sure the battery terminals are clean and tight. When jumping the two wires at the starter , are you jumping the cable from he battery to the small one from ignition ? If you jump the two fat ones the starter will turn fast and free. If you have a voltmeter check for 12 volts on the cable from battery at the starter and also 12 volts at the small wire also at the starter but when someone holds the ignition key on starting position.I there is around 12 volts on both wire and cable ,the starter is defective. You can also jump the starter with wire from the battery positive terminal to the ignition wire (the small wire) at the starter. Good luck. Let me know. Thank you.

I am jumping the two large terminals
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No , you need to jump the Know power on from the battery and the small one from ignition. Let me know.

Arks of course and I hear a electric motor whirring but it never engages to the flywheel. Keep in mind I get nothing when trying to start w the key. No click nothing. I've replaced the starter relay and starter Still same problemOk with the key in the on position?
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If you jump the wires I told you above with key ON ,the engine should start.

The small wire is a cooved wire of course w a small plug. How do you suggest making contact between the two without damaging the fragile llugUnplug and make the contact inside the starter side of plug itself?
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yes, but you can disconnect it ,pressing the terminal with your fingers or you can use a wire to jump it jump the battery cable to the starter side

Ok did so no engine is turning over but still no startNow it then overBut still no startWhat do you suggestNuetral safety switch?
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sorry ,was helping another customer. So , does the starter engages when jumping the wires all the time now ? What do you get when trying with the ignition key?

Nothing still when at the key Full power to dash lights and all systems inside carWhen I jump across like you said. It now turns the engine overthat's a plus But no startDoesn't seem to get fire at all. No kachu kachu
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Did you check all the fuses ?

under the driver side dash as I was already there replacing the twilight fuse.the fuses driver side fender under hoodpurchased a new starter relay
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Have you to start it on neutral?

I have tried without starting in nuetral from diver seat only w keyShould I try while jumping those two contacts on starter
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So, if you try to start the engine from your seat with ignition key, does the starter engages ? Does the engine turn?

No click nothingNuetral or parkNoNot even a click
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OK, turn the key ON and then jump the two wires to gage the starter to see if it starts. If it cranks but does not start ,have someone holding the ignition key on starting position and you jump the same wires again at same time to see if it starts.

One secSame thingTurns engineBut no startDoesn't seem to be getting fire Not even a sputter
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Do you have intake or carburetor spray cleaner to spray in the intake to see if it starts, spray for two seconds. Let me know

I'll have to grab some Give me a few minutes

Nothing moreHolding key to start Jumping starter And holding key to startAt the same time
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Anything? yes

NothingNo fire it seemsI let the engine turn for like fifteen seconds while my wife sprayed continuousa friend held the key to startstill nothing
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Ok, can you remove one [spark plug](/topics-spark-plug-toyota/) to see if they are flooded? Also ,when you have it off stick in in the coil and crank the engine to see if you have spark? Do you have any security light on the dash ?

The light goes out when you turn the key on
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OK, good Ok , we need to get this thing cranking from the ignition key... The starter relay you have replaced was it under the dash on driver side? was it the purple relay ? Also ,make sure the 30 amp fuses on the engine bay fuse box are good. Remove cover on the steering column and check the black wire for 12 volts all the time and the red wire also 12 volts when ignition key is ON. Go to the neutral safety switch ,below you battery and check for 12 (key on)on the red wire and also 12 volts on the black wire . Let me know how the spark plugs look like . if there is spark when cranking engine with key ON and also make sure the 15 amp fuse under the dash is good (EFI fuse) with key on. I meant removing the steering wheel cover to check the wires on back of ignition switch.

Oh wowOk plug is dryChecking spark nowHold pleaee
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So , no fuel is going to the engine. Lay the spark plug on top of the valve cover it need to be grounded

I didjumped the starter and no sparkk
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Turn the key ON , see if you have power on one of the wires at the [ignition coil](/topics-ignition-coil-toyota/) plug. do you have a code reader to see if there are any trouble codes stored in the engine computer ?

Neither volt Nor code readerBear w me for a few and I'll get back with you
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take your time

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