Q: Service engine soon light and gear with exclamation point in middle is lit

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Started up my car and 10 secs later car stalled. Went to start up again and it would have a hard time starting for 3 secs before fully starting up. Service engine soon light and gear with exclamation point in middle is lit up. Took the car to my Local AutoZone and pulled Fault codes P0727 and P0339. I then proceeded to the dealer I purchased vehicle from 1 week ago. The mechanic at the dealer said there was a tube/wire under the vehicle that has gotten loose. So he fixed the loose wire/tube and told me only thing i had left to do was go to the BMW Dealership and have them reprogram my car's computer but that costs $450-$500. Service engine soon light was not lit anymore but gear with exclamation point was still lit.About 15 miles down the road service engine soon light reappeared again. Car drives fine, but jerks forward alittle bit upon coming to a stop. Car hasn't stalled since leaving dealer I purchased vehicle from. What's wrong with my car? please help I'm a first time BMW owner.

My car has 151024 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The gear with the exclamation point in the middle is a malfunction indicator for the transmission. This light will come on to indicate that the transmission is having a malfunction. If the transmission shifts fine, the light may be on due to an electrical issue. I would recommend having a technician who is familiar with BMW transmissions inspect your transmission for damage. Although this could potentially end up being very costly, this is unfortunately the best route to take.

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