Q: Severe shaking; no lights, no codes!

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Last fall CEL came on and the car shook terribly. Code lead to replacement of 2nd iginition coil. All was well. A month ago I pull out of the garage and notice a 3" diameter puddle of oil. Turns out two gaskets and an oil line needed attention. Drove great the day after repair. Second day I started it the shaking was the worst ever. I shut it off immediatley. Replaced a coil connector and things went well for a few days. Now it randomly (at ignition or while driving) will begin to shake badly. I shut it off immediately, wiggle all the connectors and sometimes it goes back to normal, sometimes I have to wiggle them a few more times. Mechanic says possibly all connectors need replaced, or spark plugs. There have been zero lights on or even flickered. Scans are giving no codes. Sometimes when accelerating (like a granny) it feels like it's missing or slipping or something.

My car has 186 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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