Q: Regarding engine flush 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe

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My car run 80,000 kms. i did engine flush at 80,000 kms at the time oil change. whether it is necessary? They said it is a must. please advice

My car has 9 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi - by "system flush", I understand you to mean a flush treatment of the engine proper, to clean out oil sludge. An oil flush sometimes uses a product called Seafoam to do so. An oil system flush with your mileage is somewhat unusual. Engines that are maintained with regular oil and filter changes can often go 150K miles without a need to flush them. Stop-and-go, short driving cycles, and failing to change the oil and filter on schedule are causes of engine sludge. I would question this "requirement".

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When you change the oil and filter in the motor you do not have to flush out the engine every time unless there is a need for flushing or there is oil contamination. The cooling system should be changed every three years or 35,000 KM or it should be flushed before replacing coolant.

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