Q: Oil not getting to the top end of motor.

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When I cold start my car it struggles to start.. ambient temperature is only 8°c

I've left my oil pan heater plugged in a few nights and it starts fine in the morning

I have started my car at -20°c all the way to -40°c with no issues (that was last year)

Since then I've had a brand new battery installed and just had it retested *works great ...I'm booked today for a fuel throttle service and a decarb I think ?? The mechanic has run the diagnostic and no codes are fired .... best Case scenario? Worst case? Engine Rebuild?

My car has 109000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It would be very difficult for us to speculate on the possible scenarios without being their to inspect the car personally. If you are certain that you are having oil circulation problems, the best case would be that there is excessive sludge in your engine that is restricting flow of oil internally. This is typically resolved by changing oil and filter a few times within 1,000 miles. The worst case is that the oil pump is faulty, which would require dropping the oil pan and changing the oil pump. Have the mechanic check the oil to see if there are small clumps or debris on the dipstick. This might be an indication that internal sludge might exist.

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