I was just driving home and my Nissan Murano just cut off...

I was just driving home and my Nissan Murano just cut off as I was driving it started back up after about 5 minutes I made it home safely then I saw smoke coming from under the hood as I was driving home Mechanic's Assistant:<...

I was just driving home and my Nissan Murano just cut off as I was driving it started back up after about 5 minutes I made it home safely then I saw smoke coming from under the hood as I was driving home Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the Nissan? Have you been losing oil or [coolant](/topics-coolant-nissan/)? 155890 I don’t think so I just had an oil change done last week Mechanic's Assistant: What year is your Murano? 2006 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Murano yourself? What have you tried so far? No I just got it from a used dealership in October Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? I smell fumes on the inside when I first start it up then it goes away eventually

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Ok thank youAll wheel drive. No it's not overheating. The service engine soon had been on since I purchased it and [brakes](/topics-brake-nissan/) and abs light it look like it was coming from the driver side as I was driving
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Is it a lot of smoke? White or blue smoke? Any evidence of fluid leaking under the vehicle? With smoke coming from under the hood we most likely have a fluid burning under the hood. Can you check the fluid levels and report back? If the check engine light or ABS light is on then the computer system has recognized a failure and retained a failure code. If the issue is small but developing over time it could be resulting in the smoking you are referencing. We need to get the computer scanned and the failure code retrieved to see if it could be related.

No not a lot I don't see anything leaking all the fluid levels look goodI do know my gas gauge doesn't work waiting on dealership to fix that
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It is possible if the fluid is leaking it is burning off before it makes it to the ground. Can you check all of the fluid levels and let me know if anything is low? For the smoke this is a visual inspection so we can see the exact source of the smoke. If you go to your local Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone they will scan your computer for free and provide you with the codes in the system. If you give me these codes they will be our starting off point.

Nothing is low and I had Auto Zone check it for me and they said the only thing that is coming up is about the gas gaugeI gave the paperwork to the mechanic at the dealership I purchased the vehicle fromI'm scared to move the vehicle again to I can figure out what's wrong
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Okay. The challenge we have is if we don't have a check engine light on, then the vehicle itself does not recognize a failure. While the light may have originally been on for the [fuel gauge](/topics-fuel-gauge-nissan/), the check engine light comes on for hundreds of reasons. If the light is already on then it cannot come on again, it is possible that you have the fuel gauge code along with new codes related to your issue.

No as I said before when I got the vehicle the service engine soon light was on the dealership said it was probably the sensors
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Yes. But if a new failure has happened a new code could be in the system. You don't know because the check engine light is always on.

True but I don't want to move the vehicle I'm scared it may cut off again
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The only options would be to get a scan tool to check it yourself or tow it in for diagnostics if you don't feel comfortable driving it. Not much else we can to as it needs to be inspected either by you with my guidance or by a certified technician. The biggest challenge is this requires equipment that can be expensive. That needs to be part of the decision.
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