I got in my car (2015 Nisaan Rogue) everything looked nor...

I got in my car (2015 Nisaan Rogue) everything looked normal as soon as I turned the key ALL electronics turned off. I hear a faint clicking and flashes of a symbol with a car and key . I returned a few hours later and the issue w...

I got in my car (2015 Nisaan Rogue) everything looked normal as soon as I turned the key ALL electronics turned off. I hear a faint clicking and flashes of a symbol with a car and key . I returned a few hours later and the issue wasn't there. Then the issue reappeared the following day. Mechanic's Assistant: Is the Nissan in "Park" or "Neutral?" Do you know if your Nissan has a "wheel lock" feature? The car is in Park and im not sure if it has a wheel lock feature. Mechanic's Assistant: What year is your Rogue? 2015 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Rogue yourself? What have you tried so far? I have no mechanical experience. Ive only tried my wife's key. Which worked once before but now doesnt

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Hi, my name is\*\*\*\*\*’ve been a technician on Just Answer since 2007 and I'll be helping you today. I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your vehicle. I know how inconvenient car trouble is, but together, we will get your vehicle back up and running quickly. May I ask whom I am chatting with today?

My name is\*\*\*\*\*'m the owner of the vehicle.
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HI David, it's nice to meet you. When you went back it started like normal?

I went to my car Thursday morning got in like normal turned the key and all the electronics turned off. I took my wife's car came back later that night and tried and the car turned on.I tried going out to breakfast this morning and again I turned the key and everything turned off.I hear a faint clicking in the car and there's a light with a key and car that flashesI just put in a brand new battery a few months ago
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Ok It sounds to me like you have an issue with corrosion on the battery terminals to be honest. It can work like this and cause this type of an issue. If it gets to bad, it can eat through the cable connection at the battery. It may be loose is all, but this is where I would start checking. This is not a security issue, it's a low voltage issue.

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Check and make sure the cable is not lose either.

I have no mechanical skills what so ever so how do I make sure I don't mess this up?What should I be checking for?What cable specifically?
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In this case, just pop the hood and look at the battery, there are two cables that go to it. Just see if there is any corrosion there, if not, see if you can wiggle the cables is all.

Ok and what can be used to remove corrosion?
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At that point, take it in and ask for a battery service. You have to have the tools to disconnect the cables and clean the corrosion that is between the cable and the battery post.

Ok the wire to the + connector wiggles
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Ok, that's probably the issue you are having then. It shouldn't move at all.

Ok so how do I fix it by just tightening with any household tool?
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Well you need a 10 mm wrench or socket to tighten the bolt on it.

I'm sorry if that sounds stupid I just don't want to get electrocuted . I have the tools to tighten it.I can just tighten it?
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Yes, you should be able to, if you can't then the cable will have to be replaced. You won't get electrocuted, but make sure you don't touch anything else with the wrench while it's on that bolt, that could short something out.

Awesome I will try this out right now
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Sounds good.

That worked! Any reason why that would've gotten loose like that? Any ways to prevent it from happening again?
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It likely wasn't tightened properly when the battery was installed. It's not a usual issue. You should be ok to go.

Ok thank you very much. I really appreciate it. You've saved me a great deal of stress!
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You're very welcome, glad I could help!

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