Q: My left turn signal started clicking very fast recently and now when I start the SUV it will run then shut off while in drive.

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Truck stalled on me while driving home from work. Two days before leaving work I was accelerating and the truck acted like it would stop but kind of bucked forward like a surge of energy hit it. Made it home checked fluids everthing was good. Signal was clicking faster than normal on left drivers side. Went to go to work the 3rd day truck died in alley all lights came on. Had hazards on and headlights. Turned them off took faceplate off of radio. Tried to start it then would stop. After 10 mins being stuck it started up and I drove back home..was around the corner, parked and let it run for 5 mins no problems. Shut it off afraid to be stranded 5am. Went in the middle of the day to start show a friend the problem it started right up. Shut it off immediately and restarted it again and no problem. Is it a distributor cap and plug or starter problem? It was fully turned before it would start. Battery is new about 3 months old, Alternator is 1 month and a half old.

My car has 233832 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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