truck wont start unless its jump started. I have put in a...

Q: truck wont start unless its jump started. I have put in a new battery and still wont start and acts like the battery is dead.

asked by on August 18, 2017

I was driving my truck in the mountains one day and when i had turned it off, i tried to turn it back on and would not. acted as if the batter was dead. I got jump started and was driving and headed back, I turned on the AC and it died. by design i was driving and i have a standard so it kicked right over as i gave it gas. When i got home i put a multi meter to the battery as it was running and the volts read 14.25 volts, i believed that the alternator was doing its job. i looked around for anything loose and couldnt find anything. I put in a new Battery and still the same result, acted as if the battery was dead. I put that same battery in my neighbors Tacoma and it started up just fine. I believe its a wiring issue an have no idea where to start looking. Is it a grounding issue? can you tell me what its most likely will be?

You say the car will not start from your battery but will from a jump start. This tells me you have a bad connection between the battery and your cable clamp. Remove and clean with a wire brush inside connector and clean with baking soda and water or battery cleaner spray.

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