Q: My heat stopped working, my back brakes need replace, im late on oil change, it clicks at a crawl, service engine soon lite is onI

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Ive had my car two years. It has been great. Im behind on the 150k service and three months late on my oil change. Even with expensive gas on acceleration the pinging is like in a group choir! I was told I need rear brakes, the emergency brake release crumbled apart in my hand last week, its making a tick tick tick sound (left front and rear) only when at a crawl. I suddenly have no heat and it goes click click click when the dial is on heat but the fan and all cold still works. Now two days ago my service engine soon light came on. Aside from the choir pinging, normal acceleration is secondarily delayed when pressing the pedal and in runs a little rough. Does this service engine soon light mean to get my oil changed or does it not come on for something so minor.I know my filters could be replaced and probly the plugs as well. Its been well maintained only one owner previous. Im just so broke i had to put tires on her recently. Shes my baby and i want to drive 400 miles to see my kids

My car has 165000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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