Q: My car won't start after a break-in & attempted theft.

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my car was broken into and the culprit(s) attempted to steal it. The dash plastic casing was broken off i see a screw on the floor. i put the key in, attempted to start it however it cranks but doesn't seem to catch. the security indicator is on, help me please. Tell me what to do. Money is an issue, I have a little however fearful this will be costly. Please email me at bls_78@hotmail.com.

My car has 127777 miles.

When someone breaks in the vehicle, the Immobilizer system shows that the doors were locked from the outside. When the doors are ajar from the outside when locked, the security would set so the vehicle could not be stolen. Look for any wiring in the dashboard that could be cut or damaged. If there is, then you would need to repair the wiring and reset the computer by removing the battery cables and putting them back on. If there was no issues with the wiring, then the security is set on and the immobilizer system may need to be reset. There is a reset button for the immobilizer under the dashboard. It will work only when the key is in the ignition and the key fob remote is near the car. If you need further assistance with your electrical system, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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