Q: Lug nuts coming loose

asked by on January 03, 2017

On Monday (yesterday) I had all of my lug nuts and bolts replaced on my front passenger tire because on Sunday they all (except for 1) came out while I was driving on the highway. I don't know why, the mechanic cant figure out why, he says everything else on my car looks great. And no one had recently removed my wheel for any reason. So, the mechanic replaced them all for me yesterday, and when I got to work today I checked them because I'm now paranoid, and one of the lug caps has fallen off. The nut is still tight on the bolt, just the cap is off. Should I be concerned?

My car has 107000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

I would certainly be concerned about the lug nuts falling off originally. However, I would not worry about the cap that had fallen off recently if the nut is still tight. Many times manufacturers will apply these chrome caps to the lug nuts to make them shiny. These are purely cosmetic and have no effect on the vehicle’s performance whatsoever.

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Hello. If the hub cap has fallen off but the lug nuts have remained tight then you should be okay. I would just be wary of any signs that the lug nuts may be coming loose, such as increased vibration in the steering wheel and while in motion, and especially during braking. If the lug nuts are continuously coming loose then that may be an indicator that they are not being tightened properly, or that there is something vibrating them loose. This could also be why the hub caps are coming off.

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