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Q: Low budget fixes for a seized engine? 1997 Ford F150

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I have a truck with a seized engine, its been sitting in a garage for 6 months but I'd like to potentially repair or replace the engine. I'm looking for a method to unseize the motor but don't know where to start as I'm not mechanically inclined. I have had it reviewed before and were sure it is seized, flywheel won't move and will not turn over. It is a 97 F150 V8 5.4L extended cab, hopefully there's something that can be done.

My car has 180000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi - there are all sorts of popular "anti-seize" techniques. Most involve light oils or penetrants - some even suggest pouring 1/4 cup of diesel fuel or automatic transmission fluid into each cylinder, then leave it for a week or two. Come back with a socket for the crankshaft damper bolt and a long breaker bar to break it loose. Most likely, piston rings will still be stuck, and poor compression is almost guaranteed. As to "saving" the engine for more miles, if it can be freed up, that all goes back to the condition of the engine when it seized, and the conditions under which it seized. Running it with no oil is worse than simply overheating it, etc. Water intrusion into the engine is an almost sure transition to boat anchor status. Your mileage will vary - good luck!

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