my 1995 lexus sc400 with 93k miles i believe the transmis...

my 1995 lexus sc400 with 93k miles i believe the transmission has gone out. i was driving it down the road at normal rpms. it all the sudden as i pressed on the gas it acted like it was in neutral. when i dropped the pan the fluid...

my 1995 lexus sc400 with 93k miles i believe the transmission has gone out. i was driving it down the road at normal rpms. it all the sudden as i pressed on the gas it acted like it was in neutral. when i dropped the pan the fluid had a burning smell, small metal shavings, and completely black fluid. i changed the filter and fluid. still same issue. it shifts into reverse and neutral just fine. it revs up when trying to shift into drive but doesn’t catch.

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Hi! My name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I will be able to assist you. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with your vehicle. Don’t worry though, we’ll be able to figure this out. Please understand that I do not know your knowledge or capabilities so I **may** need to ask questions to find out basic information to help solve your specific problem. Sometimes it may take a moment for me to respond because I may have to look up information about your concern. I appreciate your patience and will provide responses as soon as possible. You are correct. Your transmission has gone out. The burning smell you are smelling is the clutch packs inside the transmission. They will make a burning smell when they are slipping and the metal shavings indicate damaged components, and the black fluid indicates the clutches are burned. You will have to rebuild the transmission to fix this problem. My goal is to earn a 5 star rating experience. I hope that I have given you the information you needed. If you have any further questions about this concern, please feel free to reply back to me. If I’m not online at the time, I will respond ASAP when I get back. Thanks for being awesome and thank you for using JustAnswer!

do you know how much roughly it’d be for me to get it rebuilt? i have it at a shop right now waiting to hear an answer
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Typically it would cost around $3000 to rebuild this transmission. It just depends on the part costs and their hourly labor rate.

should i expect to pay that much or less?
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Yes it will be around that price.

would it be cheaper to rebuild or find a used one and put it in?
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It would be a little cheaper with a used one but I would go with a rebuild because if you buy a used one, you don't really know what you're getting and the warranty is usually very short.

oh yeah to bfftotally forgot about warranty and all that\*thank you for your help!
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You're very welcome. I'm glad to help!

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