Jeep Wrangler unlimited 05 auto 4.01 broke down, engine t...

Jeep Wrangler unlimited 05 auto 4.01 broke down, engine turns over but splutters and stalls and gearstick stuck in park. Recent PCM replacement due to stuck in 2/3 gear. Any ideas? Mechanic's Assistant: Do you have brake l...

Jeep Wrangler unlimited 05 auto 4.01 broke down, engine turns over but splutters and stalls and gearstick stuck in park. Recent PCM replacement due to stuck in 2/3 gear. Any ideas? Mechanic's Assistant: Do you have brake lights? Have any trouble codes popped up? Where do trouble codes pop up? Haven’t checked brake light so will do that Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Wrangler Unlimited yourself? What have you tried so far? No, trying to assess problem before speaking to mechanic Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Even after the pcm replacement last Tuesday, the engine still stalls from time to time. And passenger floor always piping hot. Also, gauges do not work.

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Hi, I'm Greg (Indy-Tech). Welcome to JustAnswer. I'm reviewing your question now, and will post back with your reply ASAP. Rgds Greg. Sorry to hear you are having a problem with your Jeep, I will do my best to assist you with this issue. A live optional phone call will be automatically offered by JustAnswer, But I can not do calls at the moment we can carry on with text? It may take a moment for me to get back to you as I may have to look up information about your concern, So I really appreciate your patience. Do you have your VIN number handy for me so I can look up your vehicle? May I ask who I have the pleasure of chatting with? Greg.

Thanks. Brake lights work, btwJeep owner's wife, Diane. What is VIN? Licence is MDD 999 Costa RicaDo you have WhatsApp?8206;Let's chat on WhatsApp! It's a fast, simple, and secure app we can use to message and call each other for free. Get it at
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Okay thank you. Sit in the Jeep close the door and then switch the ignition to ON (don't crank) then off three times ending in ON and watch the LED odometer it will start to show you malfunction codes? Po300 for example and when its finished showing codes it will end with doNE Then let me know what the codes are take pen and paper or record it with your phone and send it to me. Greg

OkNo error codes, just the mileageTried starting. Turns over fine but no igniting or spluttering this time.
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Did it start with - - - - - then say doNE

No, only mileage as usual
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Has to be done three times within 5 seconds

Oh, that's fast . Should I try again?
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Yes try it a few time until you get a hang of it. Just found this for you to go by. []( Greg

No codes. Mechanics arrived but I doubt they know anything about automatic transmission Jeep- not exactly common! Husband thinks we should try switching PCMs- the one we had just wasn't getting gears to shift, we placed five days ago with rebuilt PCM, drove beautifully for four days then...AARRGGHH!
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Not good news and very frustrating. So the mechanics are with the jeep now?

for what it's worthIs ECU same as PCM?Are you just googling details for info? I can do that!
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Sorry was working with another customer. PCM is jeep for the Powertrain control module, this is engine and transmission in one module, not like ECU or ECM which has a seperate module for the transmission TCM transmission control module Greg Have they hooked up a scan tool to check for codes?

if it has a PCM it does not have ECU?No- this is Costa Rica!
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No the ECU in inside the PCM ECU engine control unit If it had a ECU or ECM it would have a TCM but on the Jeep you have just the PCM which has engine and transmission control module inside together.

Ah- well it was replaced anyway. The Jeep stalled on way home. Gear thing didn't want to return to drive but did. First attempt to start lots of irregular running, spluttering then stalled. Then engine turns over but no firing at all. So, mechanics are suggesting fuel injection not working. What about spark plugs! (Do engines still have them- hahahaha)Sorry- gear returned to park
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Ask what malfunction codes they found? Did they hook up a scan tool and check

No codesThey have no scan tool. Jeep ran out of gas ten days ago. Sometimes that messes with fuel system??
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How can a mobile mechanic work without a scan tool? this is mechanics working on impulse a scan tool is a must on today's vehicles or it's just guessing in most cases. Did they fit a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail to see if the pressure was there? Did you refill with fuel. this will cause a no start if no Fuel?

It's Saturday evening in the jungle. Of course mechanics on impulse! At least they got gear control from park to neutral and pushed Jeep into our drive. They're picking it up Monday to take into garage. Since there were no codes, electrics all working, switching back to old PCM changed nothing, engine turns over (after stalling and spluttering now no evidence of gasoline reaching engine) I think they may be on right track. Guess we're staying home this weekend!
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If you run dry and have since refilled and now experiencing this problem then you will need to do a fuel pressure test to see if you still have good fuel pressure

Ok- thanks
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Ok if you need to continue or if there is anything else I can assist with at all, let me know here and I will be happy to assist further! You can get back to me anytime even next week if needed. I am not done until you are happy. Kind regards Greg

Thanks- I don't know about fuel pressure test but I wasn't out on road. Perhaps they did as they think it's fuel injection systemThat's good for now and I'll let you know what happens
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Okay, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Greg.

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