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Eep renegade Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Renegade yourself? What have you tried so far? The check engine light is on and heater/defroster will not even turn on would heater cause check engine light to come o...

Eep renegade Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Renegade yourself? What have you tried so far? The check engine light is on and heater/defroster will not even turn on would heater cause check engine light to come on Mechanic's Assistant: Does the light stay on, or does it blink? Stays on Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? With the freezing temps we’ve had we didn’t start jeep for several days and have had to jump/charge battery

Automotive Expert
Hello, My name is\*\*\*\*\*'m the Technician that will be assisting you today. I co-own a Restoration/Advanced troubleshooting shop. So My hours on here vary day to day. **If I respond to your question that means I will be online for at least 30 minutes. If you respond after that time period, I will see your message and review it. But will not respond until I back get online.** I do not work for Just Answer, They have just allowed me to use their platform to help customers like yourself. **You may receive a automatic call request, which is a good option if you don't like texting. But I will almost never have the time to place a call. If I'm assisting you and we find a call is the best route. I will call you then.** **Also under no circumstance do you post personal information other than your first name. If personal information is required (like your phone number) Just Answer has a secured way to exchange information.** Its a pleasure to get to assist you. Whom do I have the honor to be speaking with? Hello, Sorry to hear about your issues. The heating system should not cause the check engine light to come on. But the ECM could prevent the heater from coming on. This is normally related to the battery level. Would it be possible for you to check the Jeep for fault codes?

It's not possible for me to check, we jumped it and charged battery awhile after the freeze was over but this morning the check engine light was on and heat would not turn on, everything else worked
Automotive Expert
Okay, You may not have an issue. It could be the codes just need to be reset. The codes may have came when the battery drained in the bad conditions. I would start with checking /recording the fault codes. Then clear them to see if they come back. If they don't check the heat function. If it still does not work, Please reach back out to me. If you happen to have any other questions or concerns. Please let me know. Thanks

Ok, could you tell me how can I check the codes and clear them
Automotive Expert
Yes, It will require a scan tool. Not sure the current weather conditions. But if you can get to a part store they can check and clear the codes for you. Normally free of charge.

Ok I'll get to one as soon as they open
Automotive Expert
Okay, Thanks

Hi, I took to have the codes checked, at first it was heat blower motor but he cleared the codes, the check engine light went away then it said it couldn't communicate with the tool so he thought maybe a fuse, next time I started it the check engine light was in again but the heat never turned on the whole time
Automotive Expert
Hey, Okay other than this do you have any other issues with the truck?

None and this issue just started after the freeze,I took it later to a mechanic, he didn't have time to work on it today but his reading showed it could be a switch or another part on the heating unit but at least it's fine to drive until he can fix it
Automotive Expert
Okay. Do you remember the code. I will review and respond tomorrow.

No I sure don't, I don't think he even told me the code just the couple of possible things
Automotive Expert
Dang. Do you think you can call him tomorrow to see if he remembers. If not that is okay.

I'll try to
Automotive Expert
Okay. Thank you. If it’s to much of a hassle don’t worry about it. When I get online tomorrow I will be able to figure it out. That’s bThanks I meant.

Ok I'll let you know
Automotive Expert

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