What can happen if incorrect parts are installed on a veh...

Q: What can happen if incorrect parts are installed on a vehicle?

asked by on July 01, 2017

I recently had a lot of work done on my car at a dealership service center. I did not want to have the repairs done there, but a friend loaned the money and that's where they wanted to take it.
When I got the car back, it seemed to be performing worse than when I dropped it off. I took it right back and they said that I was overreacting and that nothing was wrong. They did admit it was out of alignment (that was on the list of repairs), and said the vibration and shaking when the brakes were applied meant the rotors needed resurfacing even though this wasnt happening before I took it in. They performed those 2 services and said nothing else was wrong. A couple months later one of the other parts they replaced failed and I started going over the list and found out that a few of the parts they put on were the incorrect parts for my car. The 2 I am most concerned with are the rear brakes and the stabilizer bar bushings. Does this make the car dangerous to drive?

To answer your question about safety, I would have to know exactly which brake components are not correct and the part numbers of the incorrect parts that were installed. If the stabilizer bar bushings installed on your vehicle are not the correct part numbers, such will typically reduce the effectiveness of the assembly and possibly the service life. Whether the wrong bushings in your case are an imminent safety hazard or not would depend though on just how "far off" the bushings are in dimension, fit and so forth. To resolve all of these issues, and get all of your concerns addressed, your best bet might be to request a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s brakes, suspension and steering systems. If you desire that a certified mechanic perform that inspection please request a brakes, suspension and steering inspection. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic because we want you to make the most of your repair dollars and help you to get the best possible results.

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