Q: Issue is between 3rd and 4th gear during driving.

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After the transmission shifts into 3rd gear and the rpms continue to rise there is a momentary pause and subsequent 100 to 200 rpm drop then acceleration continues and shifts into 4th with no problems.It is not intermittent and happens every time. No check engine light and there are no stored or pending codes. I checked for engine misfires on each cylinder and there were none.I have new spark plugs and just replaced the electronic throttle body to see if that was it but its still there. It happens under any type of throttle input so i am wondering if it is a transmission sensor, but it does not make any sense there are not any pending codes. There are 3 transmission sensors: turbine shaft speed sensor, output shaft speed sensor and the digital transmission range sensor. Is one of these going bad, and if so, why cant the pcm not see it?

My car has 96500 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Ford Fusion’s are notorious for having transmission issues. In most cases, the problem you are describing has been determined to be caused by an internal hydraulic failure or obstruction. In some cases, it’s due to debris inside the transmission that creates a ’slipping’ effect when the automatic transmission shifts to higher gears. If the sensor(s) was damaged and the source of this problem, it would register a code in the PCM. You might want to either; flush the transmission fluid and change the filter to see if this resolves the issue, contact the service department at your local Ford dealership to ask them about this issue and if there are current service notifications or recalls pending about this issue. Otherwise, have a professional mobile mechanic come to your location to complete a car is hard to shift inspection.

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