Ignition was destroyed by crook can I start this motor?

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Ignition was destroyed by a person trying to start the car without the key. Is there any way to start the car to get rid of it? My car has an automatic transmission.

If your car has a factory installed anti-theft system, starting the car is much more difficult. The anit-theft system uses the ignition key, ignition lock cylinder and switch to determine if the car will be allowed to start. There are tricks to start your car, but they require a thorough knowledge of your car and several self fashioned tools to make it happen. The reality is, you will need to have the car towed. If it does not have a factory theft alarm system, it can be started much easier. It will require a wiring diagram to connect the correct wires at the ignition though. I recommend a calling a wrecking yard.

Wrecking yards will often come and pick up the car for free if you are looking to get rid of it. I would begin by negotiating for them to pay you for the car. Keep in mind, not all cars hold much value to a wrecking yard, but some do. This is heavily dependent on supply and demand and is not dependent on the desirability of the car if it were to be driven. It has to do with what parts of the car are under demand. So suggest a reasonable price and see if they bite. You want to suggest price in the sub $400 dollar range. If you get $100 for them to pick up the car, you are doing well.

Good luck!

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