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How to Customize a Chrysler 300

chrysler 300 parked in driveway

The Chrysler 300 is an extremely popular model of sedan with sleek styling reminiscent of more expensive brands like the Bentley at a far more affordable price. It’s a great long-distance cruiser with get-up-and-go, which inspires great loyalty to the brand and model in those who own them. Sometimes, no matter how wonderful a vehicle is in its stock condition, a car owner may want to tweak it to reflect his or her own style.

Fortunately, there is a variety of options for customizing the Chrysler 300 – some are delightfully subtle while others are in-your-face bold. Peruse these options to customize your Chrysler 300 to you, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to try one, all, or a choice few to make your vehicle unique.

Method 1 of 6: Get new wheels

The simplest way to customize a Chrysler 300 and possibly the cheapest is to put new wheels on it. There are a wide array of wheel types on the market in all sorts of metallic and flat hues, spoke designs, and other features.

You could even opt for wheels with LED lights or flashers if you really want to stand out. Just as the range of wheels is vast, so is the price range, so there’s lots of control in how much you pay for your Chrysler 300 to differ from the crowd.

Materials Needed

  • Car jack
  • Jack stands (three)
  • Lug nut wrench

Step 1: Loosen lug nuts. Loosen each of the lug nuts with a wrench. A couple of full rotations counterclockwise on each nut is sufficient.

Step 2: Raise the tire with jack. Using your car jack, raise the tire about an inch off of the ground and use a jack stand to keep the car lifted while you work.

Step 3: Use the car jack on another tire. Once you have the first tire lifted, remove the car jack to use on another tire.

Step 4: Remove each lug nut. Remove every lug nut with the wrench or by twisting counterclockwise with your fingers, placing them all together so they won’t roll away and get lost.

Step 5: Repeat on the other tires. Repeat on the remaining tires, leaving the car jack in place on the final one.

Step 6: Have tires mounted to new wheels. Have a tire professional mount tires to your new wheels.

Step 7: Place the new wheel and tire onto the car. Starting with the tire lifted with the car jack, place the new wheel and tire onto the lug studs or wheel bolts.

Step 8: Replace the lug nuts. Replace each lug nut, tightening them clockwise with the lug nut wrench.

Step 9: Lower the jacks. Lower the car jack until the tire rests on the ground, moving to the next tire, first replacing the jack stand with the car jack in the lifted position and repeating this process for each wheel and tire combination.

Method 2 of 6: Window tint

Getting your windows professionally tinted is another easy way to customize your Chrysler 300. Window tint not only protects your interior and eyes from damage from the sun’s rays, but it also affords you a little privacy from onlookers admiring your ride as you drive down the road. Another perk of this customization option is that it’s easily reversible if you change your mind in the future.

Step 1: Decide how to do the job. Make a decision regarding whether you want a professional window tinting or to do it yourself.

There are DIY window tint kits on the market that come with full instructions, available at most auto parts stores, but your best bet is to pay a little extra for an experienced window tinter with the necessary tools to do it for you.

If you are not experienced, the process can be quite frustrating in ensuring there are no bubbles and perfectly aligned edges, and professional tinting is likely to hold up better over time, resisting peeling.

person spray painting with paint gun

Method 3 of 6: Get a new paint

For a more dramatic way of tailoring your Chrysler 300 to your own tastes, opt for a new paint job. This requires prepping the surface with a wet sand, applying the automotive paint, and topping it off with clear sealant for best results.

Step 1: Decide on a professional job or DIY project. Make a decision on whether painting you car is a job you want to undertake or have a professional do.

Although it is possible to paint your Chrysler 300 yourself, it is advisable to procure a professional for the job, as even the materials and tool rental can be expensive. If a DIY effort goes awry, then it will cost even more to fix it.

Step 2: Choose the style of paint you want. Determine how you want your car to look.You may wish to choose a solid color or go all out with flames or an airbrushed rendering of a loved one.

The options here are limited only by your imagination and your budget; you may wish to have a professional add your name to the sides or use a metallic paint that appears to change colors in different lightings.

  • Note: A more intricate job and higher quality paint brings a more expensive price tag.

Method 4 of 6: Upgrade your grill

Step 1: Shop around. Consider all the options for upgrading your grill. There are a lot of options out there, including the Bentley mesh grill and E & G Classics package.

Step 2: Consider enlisting a body shop. It is a good idea to contact a body shop to swap out your grill for something more eye-catching and dramatic.

Method 5 of 6: Get a body kit

300 all customed out

Step 1: Consider a custom body kit for your Chrysler 300. You may want to spring for a custom body kit to really revamp your car.

Several companies, including Duraflex and Grip Tuning, offer kits to amp up the looks of your stock model with options to lift the entire body, install gull-wing doors, or achieve a more aggressive look. These may not come cheap, but they bring a whole new look.

chrysler 300 upholstery

Method 6 of 6: Find new upholstery

Not all customizations are visible from the outside; your interior is also a playground for customizations.

Step 1: Explore your options. Consider all the options with a professional upholsterer in a consultation, who may suggest basic seat upholstery or something more unique like sewing your monogram into the backrests.

Upholstery companies will provide you with an array of fabric samples to choose from, and most services will be happy to show you a portfolio of previous work, which can help you visualize final results or come up with new ideas.

These are just a few ideas to act as a springboard for customizing your Chrysler 300. To fully explore the options available to you, you may wish to consult with a custom body shop that specializes in a specific field. Together, you can discuss how you can tailor not just the appearance of your car but also its performance by making adjustments under the hood if you like One of YourMechanic’s certified professionals would be glad to help you keep your car healthy if you notice any irregularities, so both its look and performance can be above the rest.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details

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