Q: I have a creaking/squeaking noise when turning the steering wheel

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When the car is cold, and I turn the steering wheel clockwise, I hear an intermittent creaking/squeaking noise, inside the car. It gets louder and softer as I turn, sometimes completely fading out as if it does not exist. It sounds like its coming from the steering mechanism. I had my mechanic spray grease in there, but there was no change.

My car has 140000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If an assistant, preferably a mechanic, listens at the relevant suspension and steering components under the vehicle as you turn the steering wheel the sound can undoubtedly be pinpointed. Be sure to check at the top of the spring tower because there is a strut bearing there that can get sticky with age and if failing it will make noise of the type you are hearing. The noise could also originate in tie rod ends, ball joints, the strut and possibly the hydraulically powered rack and pinion unit and perhaps the steering pump and drive belt. The recommended service, if you simply want a mechanic to promptly diagnose the issue is a power steering noise diagnostic. Once the issue(s) is identified the mechanic will explain the failure, indicate what parts need to be replaced, and estimate the repair cost.

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