Q: I have 1988 oldsmobile cutlass ciera 2.8liter. I have had five mechanics check the car for a popping sound but they could not figure it out.

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88 oldsmoblie cutlass ciera .. Has 106,000 miles ..Drove fine for three weeks then all of the sudden car makes a popping sound and overheats n cuts out. It was at the shop for two months with five mechanics checking car, they replaces two sensors, the computer, fuel pump, thermostat, radiator, battery and still having same popping noise. Im a single mom n dont know much about cars so advise would be appreciated

My car has 106000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The popping sound from the engine sounds like the engine’s timing is off or the fuel system is not delivering enough fuel to the engine.

There could be a fuel injector that maybe sticking and not spraying properly. The popping sound is the engine detonating the fuel when the engine is either misfiring or the fuel is burning without the spark plug working. I recommend having your engine decarbonized with a solution called Sea Foam in the vacuum system and in the fuel tank. This solution will remove the black carbon from the engine and clean up the fuel system.

Also, I suggest replacing the fuel filter if it has not been changed before in a long time. The fuel system could be low on pressure causing the fuel pressure to be low and not spray the fuel properly causing the same symptoms. If the engine is cleaned out and the fuel system is working properly, then there is an issue with the ignition system. Check to see if the ignition has been moved or if the timing chain has slipped or stretched.

When the engine is running rough and misfiring, the engine will tend to overheat. If you need further assistance with your engine having a noise and stalling, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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