Q: How to replace seat belt chime? 2017 Toyota RAV4 XLE

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how to replace the seat belt chime on 2017 Toyota RAV4 XLE????

My car has 700 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello - there will be a small plastic cube under the dash which is the "beeper" module. Remove an knee pad to access this area, and both by sound and vibration, with the key in the "Run" position (seatbelt unfastened) you will locate the module . Some models of Toyota allow you to turn off the beeper (but not the flashing light) as follows: (1) turn key to "Run" position, (2) set the dash counter to ODO (odometer), (3) turn key to the Off position, (4) turn the key to the "Run" position, (5) within 5 seconds, press and hold the Trip Reset button, (6) wait 10 seconds, then fasten the seat belt, (7) release the Trip Reset button. The seat belt beeper, but not the flashing light, should be disabled. Always wear your seat belt.

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