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Q: Hi I had a friend replace my motor mounts on my 2004 Pacifica v-6. Apparently getting them in and out were difficult.

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I had a friend replace the motor mounts on my 2004 Pacifica after they replaced motor mounts with Jacking the engine up a couple inches to get the mounts in and out.there I went for a test drive and it came out of gear and then I might ask board lights came on and I pulled over and it was transmission fluid everywhere I had it and now it won't start I can't get it to start and the battery to make sure it was good battery and the battery is fine I just can't get over so that I can so I can see where the leak is coming from I pull over in the transmission fluid everywhere I have towed to my house at my house I can't get my car to turn over the battery is good at it but I still can't get the fluid the show me where it's leaking from because I can't start the vehicle to get the transmission fluid out

Hi there. The leaks from the transmission could have came from the oil pan. When using a jack to lift up the engine, if the jack was sitting on the transmission oil pan, it probably cracked the pan, or the jack could have cause a line to bend and rupture. Go under the vehicle and look for the signs of leaks and look to see if there is any damage to the transmission. Do not attempt to start the vehicle with no oil in the transmission as this will damage the transmission. Replace the parts that are damaged and fill up the transmission with new fluid. If you need further assistance with your engine not starting after you discovered transmission oil under the vehicle, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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  • Hi I had a friend replace my motor mounts on my 2004 Pacifica v-6. Apparently getting them in and out were difficult.

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