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Q: Headlights

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Occasionally whenever I'm driving my headlights just shut off. But my running lights, dash lights, break lights, they are still on and working. I have had people look at it and they tell me they can't diagnose unless it's doing it then for them to see... But I can't predict when it will happen so any suggestions?

My car has 213400 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

I understand how frustrating this kind of issue can be. When it comes down to the problem you described, it has been my experience that older vehicles, with this type of issue, the problem normally comes down to either a bad connection or a corroded connection. A critical piece to this puzzle is the fact that you mentioned that it is only affecting the headlights, but like you have already heard, unless the problem is observed, it will be very tough to locate the issue. You could turn the headlights on and try wiggling the wiring and connectors to try to get the problem to arise, or start pulling connectors and do an inspection to see if there is corrosion. In rare occasions, I have seen problems with a corroded fuse in the fuse box, but it is more often a connector. If you need some help identifying and/or repairing the issue, contact a certified mechanic, like those available at

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