Q: having wiring issues in relations to removing my cigarette lighter to install a usb cord

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I'm in the process of removing my cigarette lighter to install a usb cable. I stripped the usb cord to expose the black and red wires, I stripped the wires that was connecting to the cigarette lighter. There was a total of 3 wires a black, pinkish and tannish color wire. I knew black on black for the ground, but for the life of me I can't find the power wire. I've attached the red usb wire to both the pink and tan wire but still no charge to my phone when hooking it up. I don't know how to connect the power wire.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Antoine. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer repair tips for aftermarket alterations - as it’s a service offering we don’t supply or recommended by manufacturers. Your best bet here is to purchase a service manual for your Infiniti G35 and review the wiring diagram or contact the manufacturer of the USB connection for instructions.

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