Q: Getting my vehicle to crank

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My vehicle has power and yet the ignition STILL wont turn over. On this past Thursday evening, I pulled into my apartment complex stopped at my mailbox and when I got back into my car it wouldnt start. I had to push my car back into a parking spot close to the vicinity of my apartment. I have tried cranking my car on multiple occassions since that has occurred and I have got the EXACT same results. Its getting very very cumbersome and frustrating.

My car has 183000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. With checking the ignition for a power supply, what other tests have you done? The first thing to always check in this situation is the starting system. Does that battery have at least 10 volts available when cranking? If not, then your issue is likely a bad battery. When the vehicle is running, the electronics utilize the alternator to keep themselves going. The battery is largely used just to start the vehicle. If it is not holding a charge, then the vehicle will not start although there were no signs of failure. If you do have enough available voltage then you are likely experiencing a starter issue. If this is the case the starter will likely need to be replaced. The starter can be bench tested, however these can give false positives and may not always be your best test. Test both the battery and then the starter. Also make sure all connections are clean, dry, and tight.

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