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Q: Gauges not working and car not shifting

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Superbowl Sunday my car just died going down the road. Got it towed home and got my mechanic to look at it. It would do everything but actually start. He said it was my coil packs and my crank shaft sensor, so we replaced those. Then a light came on the dash with a car with a lock through it. I found out it had 2 recalls on the ignition so I took it and got that replaced thinking that's why my car is screwed. Picked it up from the dealership yesterday and it still has the light on, none of the gauges work, it keeps flashing low fuel ( I have 3/4 ths of a tank) and power steering is flashing. The car will start when I put it in reverse or drive it shifts very hard and the car won't shift. Dealership won't do anything. Tomorrow will be a month I've had the car. Help please!!

My car has 138245 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, and thank you for writing in. There are a few sensors that can effect both of these systems. The first one you should check is the transmission output speed sensor. You may also want to check the other speed sensors in the vehicle, as there are others that communicate in the circuit. Secondly to these sensors, you may want to verify that the speedometer is receiving electrical power. Check all of your fuses related to the instrument cluster and the transmission. Make sure they are clean and have not blown. For more diagnostic help, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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