My rear left blinker [brake](/topics-brake-ford/) light a...

My rear left blinker [brake](/topics-brake-ford/) light and front passenger blinkers are not working , but driving lights are working. ...

My rear left blinker [brake](/topics-brake-ford/) light and front passenger blinkers are not working , but driving lights are working.

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2011 f150 I the bulbs and fuses are ok. There is no flasher in model, the ECM controls the blinking
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Did this all happen at once? Have you scanned for codes yet ?

No gradually. first the rear left lights .then a week later, working thinkers were going really fast then a week later the passenger signal light didn't work There was no code in the ob2 but there is a code in the truck system unrelated to the blinkers. It reads: "faulty tire pressure sensor"
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You must have a basic scanner your going to need a higher level scanner to go over the system and check the inputs out puts of the blinkers, I suspect you have a computer issue. Heres the directions and diagram below when you do get the scanner

Aww man. I can't understand that. It's above me. Can you take a chance and tell me what the likely problem is and how to fix it because I don't really want to take it to the shop and spend you know couple hundred dollars.I know there's many things that could cause the problem but just pick one of them and maybe we'll get lucky and that's the oneGround wire short?
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Unfortunately the main thing that would cause all of that would be the bcm, you can access the connector and make sure its ok and wiring, if that checks out I would say replace bcm, the only way you can do that yourself is ti send it in to rebuilt as those dont require programing.

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