Hi! I'm assuming my car is in "limp mode". I can't revers...

Hi! I'm assuming my car is in "limp mode". I can't reverse and when I try to drive forward, my [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) is revving and not switching gears. It only goes about 20 mph. Around last week, I got all my [brake](/t...

Hi! I'm assuming my car is in "limp mode". I can't reverse and when I try to drive forward, my [engine](/topics-engine-ford/) is revving and not switching gears. It only goes about 20 mph. Around last week, I got all my [brake](/topics-brake-ford/) fluids topped off. What could be my problem? Mechanic's Assistant: How old is the [transmission](/topics-transmission-ford/)? Have you checked the brake switch? My car is a 2014 Ford Focus Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Focus yourself? What have you tried so far? I haven't tried anything but If possible, yes, I would like to fix it myself. I'm going to check for a leak tomorrow under my car. Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Yes, my car will drive but only drive about 15-20 miles per hour. It slips also.

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Welcome to Just Answer. My name is\*\*\*\*\* am a manufacturer trained Ford Senior Master Technician with 30 years of hands on experience. I am here to help. I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with your vehicle today. The system will offer you a phone call. Feel free to accept or decline this service. It does not come directly from me. I personally cannot provide phone assistance on this website as I only do on line chat. I am usually on line in the evenings after 6:30 PM CST after I get off of work. Please give me a few moments to go over your concerns. First and foremost let me give you a little information on how this platform works. It is a strict one question one answer service. You ask one question and I will get as many details as I can from you. The reason for this is so I can provide you as accurate an answer as possible. Once I have submitted your answer please feel free to let me know if any clarification is needed about the answer to your question! Would you mind sending me your VIN and as many details as you can about the problem? This will allow me to give you the most accurate information possible based on your specific vehicle. Please know this is not an auto response message system. I am a full time Ford automotive technician, I review cases as they come in. If you do not receive a prompt response, this means I have stepped away momentarily or are working on your case as well as many others. Please be patient and I will be with you after your reply!

my VIN is \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*. I recently took my car to a "MIDAS" a mechanic shop and they topped off my brake fluids. I went to reverse my car today and It didn't work. My car just rolled forward a little bit. When I pressed the gas slightly to reverse, my engine revved and nothing happened. After me turning it on and off a few times then my engine light came on. I got a tow truck and he winched me out. I tried to drive away and that's when I couldn't go above 20 mph. I pressed on the gas lightly and it revved my engine again while I was in Drive but I didn't accelerate fast, just slowly around the 15-20mph mark. Then I felt my car jerk for a second like it was trying but couldn't. I turned around at an intersection in a neighborhood and flagged the tow truck down and he towed me back home. I couldn't look under my car at the time because I was parked on a slight slope going down. My car wasn't on level ground. I'm going to look under in the morning but any advice going into what I'm looking for.
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How many miles do you have on your Focus?

107k milesI can continue chatting tonight and will definitely call tomorrow when I can look under my car and you're out of work.
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Great. Your have a recall on your Focus that extends the warranty on the TCM (Transmission Control Module) that extends its warranty to November 13, 2024 or 150,000 miles. Call your local dealership and they will give you the phone number for road side assistance and have your Focus towed there and get the TCM replaced. The recall will cover the tow bill. Below is your Ford OASIS printout. It is recall 14M02. Plus you have two other recalls on your Focus, One for the door latches and one for the fuel tank deformation.

Thank you for that. Will the recall cover the expenses of the transmission at all? and would you possibly be able to tell me what is wrong with my car? I can definitely cashapp or venmo you 26$ right now if you can answer those questions for me.
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The problem is the TCM. It controls the transmission operation. Your problem is the exact cause of the TCM. It is a module mounted on the drivers side of the transmission. I personally have replaced over 60 of them in the last 4 years.

Will this be an out-of-pocket expense for me or since it's being recalled, will they do it free of charge due to the recall?
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It will all be free of charge, no cost to you at all. Not even the tow truck.

It will be free of charge due to the recall, correct?I'm sorry, I just need clear clarification for the dealership and to know what to say so they don't try to switch it on me.
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Yes, free of charge. Below is an Owner letter explaining the recall.

I clicked on the link attached and nothing popped up
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Sorry, that link did not work. Try the link below.

Wow man, thank you so much.What's your cashapp or venmo. I'll send some money since I don't need a phone call.
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I don't have either. I get paid through the website. You can leave a tip, but all you need to do is to accept and rate my responses.

sir. Okay, Thank you! I'm calling the dealership in the morning to get it all sorted out. I really appreciate you.
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Your very welcome. Thank you./

Hey Anthony, I actually do have a follow up question.
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My car is under my dad's name but I've been paying my car since I got it. My dad passed away last year and everything has been going fine because I keep making payments on every month. Will it be a problem since it says 0968 "Expired". I don't know what that means in the OASIS. Will they say anything about it not being in my name at this exact moment if I take it in? I'm currently in the process of getting it in my name.It's all the way at the bottom under "Extended coverages"
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That was the Ford ESP Extended Warranty that has expired. The recall does not matter who's name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* vehicle or the repair order.

Okay thank you Anthony!
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Your very welcome.

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